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South-East Asia has two definite sides the frantic, busy, scoter crowded 24/7 cities and the laid back beaches and mountains. This all goes with some of the most welcoming people around. Each country has its own unique take and influences. Overlanders may be quite challenged in this part of the world to find wild camps but many hotels are happy for a small fee for you to park on their grounds. This is a place to get super excited about the food and when you get a chance a local cooking course is not to be missed.

There are so many reasons to visit South-East Asia and while there are parts which have been spoilt by mass tourism, for the most part it is a pleasure to explore and you can still get off the beaten track.

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The food! The food! We absolutely love the food in South East Asia. And will take every opportunity to do a cooking class or eat in a small family-run streetside restaurant. Take me back there now!


Night markets

When it's hot and sticky during the day, places come to life at night. Strolling the streets in the evening, wandering through the night markets in Luang Prabang or the tailors in Hoi An, there's no better way to end the day.

Singapore skyline

Bright lights, big cities

Although we aren't the biggest fans of cities, we do enjoy some of the big cities in South-East Asia. Singapore in particular is somewhere that we love to visit as a stopover.



We find the temples and shrines in South-East Asia to be some of the most beautiful we have seen. Exploring these important cultural sites, and gaining an understanding of cultures different from our own, is something we are particularly keen to explore with the kids on our future adventures.



What's not to love? Warm water, great diving, beautiful beaches, beachside restaurants. We love going to the islands for a bit of down time. We steer clear of the main tourist spots and find our own little slices of paradise.

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The Vibe

Relaxed and informal. Welcoming and friendly. So many reasons that we love South East Asia.

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