Kyrgyzstan is all about wide open spaces and spectacular natural beauty, combined with experiencing traditional ways of life. Picture vast expanses of rugged mountains, dotted with yurts and grazing horses, and shimmering alpine lakes. Imagine homestays and sleeping in a yurt. Get active with some epic hiking and horse riding. Kyrgyzstan is one of the ultimate off-the-beaten path destinations and a country we love returning to time and time again.

Highlights of Kyrgyzstan

Jeti Oguz (Diety Orgus)

Jeti Oguz is a breathtaking valley renowned for its striking red sandstone rock formations that resemble seven bulls (Jeti Oguz meaning “Seven Bulls” in Kyrgyz). Whether you want to enjoy quiet contemplation by the river, a gentle stroll, a challenging hike or a ride on one of the local horses, Jeti Oguz is a place to immerse yourself in the beauty of the nature that surrounds you.


Lace up those boots, Kyrgyzstan offers incredible hiking opportunities! Along the way, you might encounter nomadic shepherds tending to their flocks, wander through alpine meadows blanketed with wildflowers, or enjoy the crystal-clear waters of rushing mountain streams, all while surrounded by sensational scenery.

Yurt Stay

Staying in a traditional yurt in Kyrgyzstan offers you a unique and immersive cultural experience. These circular felt-covered tents have been a symbol of nomadic life for centuries, and are still used today by the nomadic herders of Kyrgyzstan. Simple but comfortable and cozy, a yurt stay is an unforgettable experience.

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