We are a family of 4 who are currently planning our next epic overland adventure. 
But our love affair with overland travel started many years ago…

Pete - Truck Builder, Driver & Chef

I started overlanding straight after school when I was lucky enough to get work on an overland truck from Cape Town to Cairo.  I continued to travel, independently or as crew on overland trucks for about 15 years, and then in the mid 2000’s I decided to start my own overland company so I could run the type of tours I wanted to.  That’s when Odyssey Overland was born, and over the next 7 years Odyssey took groups on epic overland tours from London to Singapore, from Cape Town to Cairo and around South America.

After having kids we settled down for a while in South Africa, although I still set off on the occasional trip when the opportunity arose.  But the lure of the road has proven to be too much, and so I have built a new family overland truck we have named Lam Lha and we are looking forward to many more adventures, this time as a family.

I would love to be able to help more families make their travel dreams a reality, so if you have any questions about vehicles, border crossings and other logistics of long term overland travel, then don’t hesitate to reach out – hello@worldoverlanders.com

Favourite travel book: The Drifters by James A. Michener

Kirsten - The Navigator & Organiser

I followed a slightly different path into the overlanding lifestyle. After school I went to university, then straight into the corporate world in Sydney, and then London where I worked for several years. When work started to feel less fulfilling I decided to do a bit of travelling and while searching online for overland tours in Africa I noticed a small ad for a 6-month overland tour from London to Singapore. Within a week I was booked onto the tour, and a couple of months later when I boarded the overland truck to set off, I never looked back.  Exploration and adventure was the life for me!  Meeting Pete was also obviously a turning point as I joined the Odyssey Overland team and worked with Pete on guiding tours around the world, and handling the office logistics.

I share Pete’s passion for overlanding, and am so excited about sharing new adventures with him and with our two kids (Mr S who is 6 and Miss C who is 4), and also sharing our experiences online so that we can hopefully give other families the confidence to set off on their own adventures.  If you would like to chat to us about opportunities to promote family travel including overland travel with kids, please get in touch hello@worldoverlanders.com

Favourite travel book: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

If you aren't doing what you love then you are just surviving, not really living.