With its captivating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, Georgia offers an unforgettable journey for travellers seeking adventure, discovery, and authentic experiences. Georgia has always been one of the top countries on our journeys through this part of the world, and we look forward to giving more people the opportunity to experience the unique sights, delicious food and wine, and unrivalled hospitality of this hidden gem.

Highlights of Georgia


Nestled in a valley in the Caucasus mountains in the Svaneti region of Georgia, Mestia is a beautiful town where you feel you have stepped back in time. This is slow travel at its best. Wander along the cobblestone streets past houses with intricate wooden carvings, down to the unique “siege towers” which once served as defensive fortifications against invaders, all while surrounded by spectacular scenery. Mestia and nearby village of Ushguli offer some fantastic hiking opportunities.

Food & Wine

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of a trip to Georgia is experiencing the unique food, wine and hospitality of this small nation. Georgian food is a tantalising fusion of flavours, influenced by its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes. Try the iconic khachapuri, a delicious cheese-filled bread, or savour the aromatic spices of khinkali, traditional dumplings bursting with meat or cheese. Georgia lays claim to being the home of wine, and with over 7000 years of wine production history, it’s a claim that has some merit! Georgia offers unique varietals and winemaking styles, and is fascinating for any wine-lover.


Tbilisi, Georgia’s vibrant capital, is a fascinating blend of old and new with ancient buildings sitting comfortably alongside modern architecture. It’s a fabulous city to explore on foot (although we do recommend taking the cable car up to the Mother of Georgia and Narikala fortress), and there are many culinary experiences to be had along the way.

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