Welcome to World Overlanders

We are Pete & Kirsten and we are overlanders at heart.  Between us we have been lucky enough to travel overland on 6 of the 7 continents.  Travel used to be our way of earning a living.  These days, we travel for the pure joy of it.  To explore and experience different places.  And these days we also travel to give our kids the opportunity to experience the big wide world.

After a couple of years of a relatively suburban lifestyle, we decided to set off on the road once again and were due to depart in March 2020.  Unfortunately our plans were corona-ed, and for many weeks we weren’t even able to leave our house, let alone leave our country.  During lockdown we had plenty of time to talk about future plans and we look forward to heading off as soon as possible.  But our first adventure is to build another custom overland truck – this time one for our family. You can follow our build and travel adventures here on the blog, and also on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Although we are travelling as a family now, there is plenty of information on this site from our travels pre-kids, so whether you are on your own, a couple, a family or any other group of people, we hope you will find some information and inspiration here to help make your travel dreams come true.  And if you have specific travels in mind for when the world opens up again, drop us a mail and we can help you plan your own epic journey.