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We are Pete and Kirsten, and we are overland travel addicts. Having been lucky enough to work in the overland tour industry for many years including owning our own overland travel company, we are now heading off on independent overland adventures with our 2 kids.

Overland Trucks

We love overland trucks.  As in, we *really* love them.  Have pictures of them on our walls.  Had models of overland trucks on the table at our wedding.  You know, that sort of love.  After we had kids we sold off all our old overland trucks and we were truck-free for a couple of years.  But the lure of overland trucks was too much for us to resist and so Pete started building us a very different type of overland truck for us – designed as a home on wheels for our family of 4.

Meet “Odyssey” our awesome new truck!  Follow our adventures on Facebook and Instagram, and on our blog posts.

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