North Africa


Sudan is one the most enjoyable countries we have overlanded through. We found the people to be so friendly and welcoming, the shops were well-stocked (despite warnings that we needed to arrive full of canned food as there was no food available), and the sights were amazing and so wonderfully free of mass tourism.  Ethiopia was fascinating, although we found it a challenging place to travel.   Our last trip to Egypt coincided with the Arab Spring which made for some interesting experiences, although we found nothing but friendliness and a positive attitude towards tourists from the people on the street. We have both experienced Morocco separately, and in very different ways.  It’s definitely on our list of countries to return to as a family.  Hopefully over time it will be possible to explore more of North Africa.

Countries visited

Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt & Morocco

Our Top Travel Experiences in North Africa


Wild camping

Cross into Sudan and you find yourself in wild camping heaven. Wide open spaces, spectacular desert scenery and easily accessible historical sights shared with very few other visitors. One of our favourite countries.


Frontier feeling

There are some truly wild parts in North Africa. With very little tourism infrastructure for overlanders it's always an adventure up here. But isn't that why we do it?


Historical sites

Pyramids, temples and ruins, there is plenty to keep you busy. Visit the temples and pyramids in Sudan and you will have them pretty much to yourself. The sights in Egypt, not so much...



North Africa has an incredible diversity of cultures - from the Arabic and Muslim influences in Morocco, to the Coptic Christian culture in Ethiopia. Take time to learn and experience.



While the wildlife of Southern Africa and East Africa is more well known, there are some unique species in North Africa that will keep the ardent wildlife viewer with their finger on the (camera) trigger.

Marrakech market


The sights. The smells. The food. We love markets - walking around them, chatting to vendors, buying something, trying new things.

Our Blogs about North Africa


Immediately upon crossing into Sudan, the differences from Ethiopia were evident.  Another country with a troubled past and present, but with a different culture and

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