East Africa


A bit wilder than the southern countries in Africa, but no less popular for tourists to experience the incredible wildlife and much more that make Africa such a popular destination.

Countries visited

Our Top Travel Experiences in East Africa

Elephant in Ngorongoro crater


Serengeti. Masaai Mara. Ngorongoro Crater. Need we say more? Some of Africa's best known (and therefore sometimes most crowded) wildlife experiences are in East Africa. We never tire of visiting game parks.


Beach time

The beaches of Zanzibar hold a mythical drawcard for many, and they are undoubtedly beautiful with warm water and white sand. The beaches of Lake Malawi are also worth visiting and there are many water sports on offer to enjoy.



From the night markets and spice tours of Stone Town and Zanzibar to the deep-fried-goodness found along the streetside in towns around the region, there is plenty of food to experience in East Africa.



The Nile River's source is in Uganda, and there are many other rivers crossing this region to experience.


History & Culture

A melting pot of Arabic and African cultures, Zanzibar has a rich and varied history. Tribal history and cultures are also in abundance throughout East Africa.


Gorilla Trekking

Close your eyes, and hand over your credit card. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda (very expensive) or Uganda (slightly less expensive) is an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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