Overland Travels in South America


Incredible natural beauty, fascinating and ancient cultures, diverse food; South America has it all!  Pack your Spanish (and Portuguese) dictionary and head off on an epic South American adventure.

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A land of epic contrasts - from the mighty Andes to the plains of the Patagonian pampas, this vast lowly populated area has so much to offer the intrepid adventurer with some of the best driving routes available in South America, and possibly the world.

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From the big to the small, South America has it all. But the highlights have to be the Pantanal wetlands and the Amazon jungle for their sheer diversity. And don't forget Los Llanos in Venezuela, a forgotten gem on the wildlife circuit of South America.

Amazon boat

Boat trips

Whether floating slowly down the mighty Amazon River on a small river ferry boat, or rafting the white waters of Peru and Ecuador, or relaxing on the deck on a day trip on the Caribbean coast, or going diving off the Colombian coast, there are boat trips aplenty.


Mountains & Waterfalls

South America allows you to wander down the length of the Andes, from coastal plains to the high peaks, and inland to the fertile farmlands. With amazing waterfalls, glaciers and mighty rivers, this continent has so much to offer.


Food & Wine

With its mix of European and local cuisine, there's plenty to enjoy about food and wine in South America.


Adventure Activities

Although we are the first to admit that having kids put a bit of a dampner on our passion for adventure activities, we still don't mind a bit of adrenalin every now and then. Climb a volcano, go rafting or mountain biking, jet boating,

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