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India and Nepal have always had that pull to travellers and for the first overlanders it was the destination to head for.

Whether arriving from China or from India, Nepal just has a unique energy with super friendly people and amazing scenery.  Kathmandu should be a destination on every overlanders list as it is just great to get lost in.  It is also a great place to get vehicles repaired and ready for future adventures, or take the opportunity to leave your vehicle behind for a while and head off on some amazing trekking in the surrounding Himalayas.

As for India, it has so much to offer and from so many different angles, be that spiritual, temples, wildlife, crazy food, laid back beaches or just the total craziness that India is. It is not the easiest overland destination as whenever you stop you will be surrounded in record time by curious locals and the madness of it all does wear you down, but it is so worth the effort! Also if you are heading to this neck of the world don’t forget that there is the possibility of leaving India and entering Myanmar. Only been done by an intrepid few but it is on our list!

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India, Nepal

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Everest and plane wing


Both Nepal and India have access to amazing mountains with the Himilayas forming their northern border. One of the greatest drives and overland can do is to drive over the Himilayas from Tibet and drive down to Kathmandu. True extreme travel with passes above 5000m and and some fairly challenging driving as you come down the friendship highway and then there is the scenery!



Street food, curries, thali, momos... so much delicious food to explore in Nepal & India. Richly flavoured curries made to family recipes. Roadside stops for and deep fried goodness. The food alone would be enough reason to visit here again even without all the other highlights that make these countries such interesting destinations.



Relaxation on the beaches of Goa. House boat trips through the canals of Kerala. This is India-lite in many ways, less hectic than other parts of the country, but still no doubt that you are in India.

Taj Mahal


The cultural heritage of this part of the world is fascinating to explore with amazing temple complexes, palaces, ruins and museums.



Both Indian and Nepal are vary spiritual places with many different beliefs and practices. For some a yoga retreat or an ashram is what these destinations are all about. For others its in the challenge of trying to understand it all, but underlying it all is the friendliness of these deeply religious countries



The Annapurna circuit and the trek to Everest base camp in Nepal and the trekking in Sikkim province of India offer some of the greatest walks and views of the might mountains of Asia

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