RVing!! From Anchorage to Talkeetna

After being driven around for weeks, either on ships or trains, planes or helicopters, it was time to be more self-propelled! So it was time to pick up our home for the next 9 days, the RV. At 24 foot, it is a baby amongst the RV community, but big enough for us!

The peace and tranquility of Eagle River campsite was a little interrupted when, during a discussion about why our family never did more camping or outdoorsy stuff when Mike and I were kids, Annie promptly fell and scraped her leg quite badly, and Mum then dropped and nearly broke her glasses… I need wonder no more…

Before we had pulled into the campsite though, we had visited the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre, an animal refuge for native beasts.

From Eagle River we headed to Talkeetna, described as “most people’s vision of what an Alaskan town should look like”. I can’t resist a bit of flightseeing, so I went on an hour and a half flight to see Mt McKinley, which was sadly in cloud at the time, and the surrounding area, but unfortunately my memory card corrupted and I have no photos…


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