Denali National Park

For me, a trip to Alaska would not be complete without a trip to Denali National Park, to see the wildlife, and attempt to see Mt McKinley (or Denali) – and attempt is the right word, as only 30% of people who go to see it, actually do (known as the 30% club), because it is so often covered in cloud. At 20,320 feet, it is quite a bit lower than Everest, but it rises from a lower base. On the day we visited, we were told that there were 300 people climbing it, and that only a week previously, the search for a man on the mountain had been called off as he was presumed dead. It is a pretty serious mountain!

The next day we set off on an 8-hour bus ride (there is no other choice, unless you want to hike it…) to see the Park. We got to a great viewing spot for the mountain, which despite appearances in this photo, we could actually see! No clouds!! We were officially part of the 30% club!!

So, having seen the mountain, it was time to turn our attention to the wildlife. Unfortunately none of it came particularly close to the bus, but a decent zoom lens can make the world of difference!

After sitting on the bus for 8 hours, mum decided we should head off for a hike… so we did. But it was somewhat short lived thanks to the entire squadrons of mosquitos which made life very unpleasant! But we managed to stand still for long enough, and stop flapping our arms, to have some photos taken!


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