Analysis Paralysis (aka, let’s just go!)

Should we get a Class A motorhome or a Class C? Do we choose fuel economy vs space? Is the Ford V10 the answer? What about the automatic gearbox? Is an RV the right vehicle for Central America? Which insurance company will cover us for the vehicle? So many questions, and so many discussions about our options but no decisions made. I feel like we have analysis paralysis when it comes to the vehicle.

I love planning. I love researching and putting information in spreadsheets and adding distances, and working out budgets. But I have reached the stage where I JUST WANT TO GO!

Since we are planning to drive around for 12 months (at least…), the vehicle is obviously a hugely important aspect of the journey. I have left the planning of the vehicle to Pete since he will be the primary driver (and mechanic). Now Pete is a truck guy. Not “truck” as in 4×4 pickup. Truck as in 16+ tonne truck. He worked on his first overland truck when he was 18, and he has been a truck guy ever since. At one stage we owned 3 overland trucks that were roaming around the world (one in Asia, one in Africa and one in South America, oh the logistics!!). We sold the last of our trucks in 2016, but still, if we see an overland truck driving past you can still see the yearning in his eyes. The desire to get back behind the wheel. The need to get his hands dirty in a big diesel engine.

With two of our trucks (Calypso & Penelope) in Alexandropoulis, Greece, in 2014 (pre-kids!)

And so it was inevitable that amongst all his research on RVs, Ford V10 petrol motors, slide-outs and hook ups, Pete would eventually drift towards wanting a truck instead. So it now looks like we will be building our own truck for this new adventure. And that’s fine by me. More than fine actually, I am excited about it. It means we can have exactly what we want inside, we can use lots of the camping and travelling equipment that we already own, and I know that Pete will be happier behind the wheel of a Mercedes 1823 than he will be behind the wheel of a Winnebago.

Our evenings are now spent deciding what capacity water tank we need, how to incorporate our solar power system, whether a sleeper cab has any advantages over a single cab, whether we need double glazed windows, what awning to put on the side of the truck and so on. Emails are being sent to truck yards and shipping agents. Sketch Up is coming into its own with the layout of the interior. But I feel like we are getting closer to the answer. Closer to actually starting our engine and heading off. And that makes me very happy indeed.


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